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Saving Money on Gifts

This year for a friend’s birthday, I made her a Lady Ga Ga album because she is a die hard Lady Ga Ga fan. I attached the latest pictures of Lady Gaga in the album and also activities she participated … Continue reading

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Does Money Bring Happiness?

Two weeks ago, I told one of my co-worker that I was really happy because in six weeks I will finally achieve my ultimate goal of being financial independence. I was expecting a supportive response such as congratulation, well done, … Continue reading

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Tips to accumulate more points on your rewards credit cards

Yesterday, I look at my RBC rewards statement and saw my total RBC rewards points reach up to 40,000 points.  I currently hold an RBC Visa Gold Preferred credit card which earned 1 reward points for every $1 spent. Now, … Continue reading

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What are you doing in your 20’s?

Your 20’s are exciting time, you might just started university or just landed your first full-time job. On the other hand, you might be like me in your late 20s who has been working for a while and are ready … Continue reading

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Basic Facts on TFSA

A TFSA can be a great saving vehicle for reaching your goals and dreams.  TFSA is referred to as the tax-free saving account. This means that any interests you accumulate in this account, it would be tax-free. For so long, … Continue reading

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My Frugal Life

When people ask me how I plan to achieve financial independence, I tell them I simply adapted living frugally. When people hear the term “Frugal”, the first thing that comes to mind is cheap, deprive, and anti-social. They think people … Continue reading

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Wants Vs Needs

Every penny counts when you are serious about achieving financial independence.  Being able to differentiate between a want and a need can potentially save you a lot of money. Wants are basically something that you would like to have just … Continue reading

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How I Juggles two jobs?

I have been working two jobs for almost a year now. I work full-time at Parmalat Monday to Friday and part-time at Wal-Mart three times a week. People have been telling me that I work too hard and don’t have … Continue reading

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Is driving a necessity or luxury?

  I met up with a friend of mine the other day and we started talking about jobs and saving money. He told me that he was considering giving up driving and try to take the public transportation instead to … Continue reading

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Why is it good to have an Emergency Fund?

One thing I learn in life is always to expect the unexpected. No one can predict what will happen the next day. I could lose my job,  I could be suddenly ill, I could be in a car accident, or  … Continue reading

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