About Me

Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Victor and I started this blog because I was inspire by Krystal Yee personal finance blog Give Me Back My Five Bucks. She have given me the confidences and  motivations to achieve financial independence. Reading her blog made me realize I need to set my own financial goals and save for the future. I believe anyone is capable of achieving their financial goals and with some motivation and guidance; there is no debt that I can’t manage.

I am a university graduate from the University of Toronto; I hold a Bachelor of Art degree in Digital Enterprise Management.  I currently work two jobs, I work full-time at Parmalat Canada as a Data Control Representative and I work part-time at Wal-Mart as a Photo Lab Technician.

On my day off, I like to participate in outdoor activities such as photography, playing basketball, hiking, dining out, and having a nice conversation with friends over coffee.

As of March 1st, 2011 I start my journey to paying off my $20,000 student loan debt. My goal is to have it paid off by September. It will take discipline; motivation, time management, and determination for me to achieve this financial goal. I know I can achieve it if I work hard and continue to budget the way I do. I will keep posting my progress on how I trim my student loan monthly in my daily post,  I hope my dedication and determination of being debt free will inspire others who are also in debt with student loans.

About My Blog

This is a personal finance blog about my finance issues that I am experiencing in my everyday life. I hope my blog can motivate readers who are in debt to take a stand against debt and achieve the financial independent that will lead them to a better lifestyle.

I consider myself the ultimate saving opportunist.  Any opportunities that present itself and allow me to save money, I will definitely take advantage.  I mean, who wants to spend more then what they need to and there are many ways to save, you just have to know how. Some common ways of saving include coupons, sales, rebates, referrals, etc.  More will be discuss in the blog.

I would love to hear feedback from readers.  Please update me with suggestions or topics that you are interested in, and I will try my best to accommodate your request.  Although I might not reply to all requests, I will try my hardest to respond on time as I juggle two jobs, so please bear with me.

Blog Disclaimer

This blog is a reflection of my daily life in how I manage my finance. Please do not make any financial decision based on my blog. I am not a financial adviser nor am I a financial expert, the content of my blog is based on my life experience and how I managed my money every day.

All comments are moderated by the publisher and we expect all comments to be respectful and relates to the actual topic and conversation. Any inappropriate comments will be deleted without notice by the publisher.


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