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Hello Friday!

What a beautiful week of weather that we’re having, I wish Canada was like this all year. This week was a long week for me, I have worked a lot at Wal-Mart this week because my manager have schedule me … Continue reading

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Summerlicious! July 8- July 24

It’s that time again, Summerlicious is approaching. It’s a two-week event where more than 150 favorite Toronto restaurants offers a three course meals at a reduce price. It’s give you a reason to dress up your best to attend a … Continue reading

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Debt Free Count Down: 8 weeks Left!

Today is payday at Parmalat, so that means the whole pay cheque ($1,000) will go toward the student loan debt. As of today, my student loan debt is reduced to $4,150.75 from the original $20,000 student debt. There’s exactly 8 … Continue reading

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Hello Friday!

There’s a reason that I like Friday more than any other day of the week. Friday is casual day at Parmalat. I get to wear clothes that I like, so that usually help brighten my mood. Friday is usually payday … Continue reading

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Wants Vs Needs

Every penny counts when you are serious about achieving financial independence.  Being able to differentiate between a want and a need can potentially save you a lot of money. Wants are basically something that you would like to have just … Continue reading

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Sometime you just got to spend…

  On Tuesday after work I went to Erin Mills Town Centre to have dinner with my friends Matt and San. I decided to go to the restaurant Spring Roll because recently I purchase a deal on DealFind for $35 … Continue reading

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