Weekly Spending Recap for Aug 22 – Aug 28, 2011

Monday August 29, 2011

  • Had a Wrap for lunch at Parmalat Cafe – $6.50

Tuesday August 30, 2011

  • Had breakfast at Parmalat Cafe – $3.14
  • Went to Arizona with Co-worker for lunch – $18.00

Wednesday August 31, 2011

  • Had breakfast at Parmalat Cafe – $3.99
  • Had a Wrap for lunch at Parmalat Cafe – $6.50

Thursday September 1, 2011

  • Had a Wrap for lunch at Parmalat Cafe – $6.50

Friday September 2 , 2011

  • No Spend Day!

Saturday September 3, 2011

  • Michigan trip – $ 200.00 (Just an estimate)

Sunday September 4, 2011

  • Michigan trip – $200.00 (Just an estimate)

Total Expenses for this week: $444.74

I was expecting this week to be pretty expensive since I went on a trip to Michigan for my co-worker wedding for the long weekend. I budgeted about $400 for this weekend. I split the cost of the trip with a friend and my friend will give me a total, so I won’t know the exact cost until he tell me. This is just an approximate of how much I spend on the trip. So, the hotel is about $100, gas is about $75, and eating out and social activities like $50, and wedding gift is about $150. So this trip cost approximately $375. It’s not bad, at least it below what I budgeted for this trip.

As for buying lunch at work almost everyday this week, I just didn’t have time to go grocery shopping at all. I work double shifts four days straight, so I have no choice but to buy lunch at work. It was a pretty tough week for me, but I suck it up and had good long weekend in Michigan, so it’s all good.

Hope everyone have a good Monday!

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Hello Friday! :)

It’s Friday! Today is the last day for all the summer student at Parmalat. They’re going back to school to pursue their future and I wish them all the best. After work we are going out for dinner at Prince Sushi for all you can eat to celebrate. After dinner we not sure what we going to do, maybe go out for a drink and watch a movie. I am sure it be fun and I needed the break since I work the weekend and three double shifts on the weekdays, so it’s been a lot of working. Than again, when I see the pay cheque it be all worth it 🙂.

Some Random Friday Thoughts

  • Steve Jobs retiring was a big lost to Apple, he was a true innovators and someone who has great aesthetics sense. Steve has always drive for excellence in the branding of Apple products. His sense of design which he describe as his taste have change the computer industry as a whole. I love his comment to the public about doing what you love and passionate ” Make sure you find something that you love to do, never settle for anything less then what you love and passionate about”.
  • Yesterday at Parmalat we had a barbecue around noon. It was good time seeing everyone chatting and enjoying the weather since all we talk about in the office is work. It good to see everything have a good time and enjoy each other company.
  • I am going fishing this Sunday at St. Peterborough with some friends. We probably going to leave early in the morning around 6:00 a.m. I hope I catch a brass this time cause last time I went I came home empty handed and I was pretty disappointed.
  •  Jack Layton pass away recently and it was emotional for a lot of Canadians. I don’t follow much in politics and I don’t know much about Jack Layton other then that he’s a good politician.  I salute Jack Layton!
  •  I am slowly fading away from Msn. I remember I always go on Msn 24/7 and that the first program my computer will run, but now I just don’t go anymore. I rather go on Facebook and comments instead.
  • I can’t believe it’s already September and Wal-Mart is already selling Christmas accessories in the seasonal department. Isn’t that a little too soon, but that’s business and Wal-Mart always want to be one step ahead of their competitors and that’s why they are the biggest retail giant in the world.

Hope everyone have a good Friday! 🙂

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Weekly Spending Recap for Aug 15 – Aug 21, 2011

Monday August 15, 2011

  • Groceries at Ocean Supermarket – $20.89

Tuesday August 16, 2011

  • No Spend Day!

Wednesday August 17, 2011

  • No Spend Day!

Thursday August 18, 2011

  • No Spend Day!

Friday August 19 , 2011

  • Bowling – $17.25
  • Movies – $12.00

Saturday Aug 20, 2011

  • Dinner at Yang’s Sushi – $32.48
  • Brought some oranges and snacks at Wal-Mart – $12.60

Sunday Aug 21, 2011

  • Bagel for breakfast at Tim Hortons – $1.97
  • Subway for lunch – $6.43
  • Brought a pack of frozen marinated shrimp to make lunch – $5.40

Total Expenses for this week:   $ 109.02

This is a good week for me. On Monday after work, I went to buy groceries at Ocean and spend only around $20. For the next three days, I just work and go home, so didn’t spend any money. For Friday, I went out for bowling and watch the movie Rise of the Planet of the Ape with Co-Workers. The movie was pretty good, I like it. On Saturday, I went fishing with a friend after work. We only fish for like an hour because it was raining. We decided to grab sushi for dinner since we both craving for sushi. The bill comes to $32 each including taxes and tips, but it was worth it cause I hadn’t had sushi for a while. On Sunday, had a bagel for breakfast and Subway for lunch. Overall, it been a pretty good week, I didn’t spend that much.

This week is going to be a busy week for me. I have to work double shifts today, Tuesday, and Thursday. So, I made lunch in advance on Sunday for today and Tuesday until I can go groceries shopping on Wednesday. I hope this week will go by quick.

Hope every have a good Monday!

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Saving Money on Gifts

This year for a friend’s birthday, I made her a Lady Ga Ga album because she is a die hard Lady Ga Ga fan. I attached the latest pictures of Lady Gaga in the album and also activities she participated that related to Lady Gage like attending a concerts, blogging, and all the CD’s she collected. She absolutely loved it! The gift takes time, thoughts, and creativity, but at the end it was all worth it. I only paid $5 for the album and $5 for the pictures. Maybe next year I will make her an album with all her favorite tennis players since she so passionate about tennis.

When it comes to giving gift, the price tag of the gifts is not really significant, what matter the most is if you put the time and effort into the gift. The more you know about the person, the easier it is to shop for a gift. It is easy for people who are financially able to buy expensive gifts like electronics, watches, or jewelery. These gifts are popular because it easy to shop for and the chances of the person receiving it will mostly like it. However, for people who wants to give a good gift without breaking the bank, being thoughtful, knowing the person really well, and creativity will help you save money.

My 7 popular gifts ideas that save money:

1. Self-Made Albums & Cards: This is probably the most popular gift idea on my list. It’s thoughtful and creative and the person you giving it to knows that you actually spend times and thoughts into this gift and that’s what it really matter the most.

2. Picture Frame: “A picture is worth a thousands word” and with the right frame, it will be a good gift that many will love. Each picture tells a story and each time you pass by the living room and stares at the pictures, it bring back good memories of joy and happiness.

3. A book: There’s books on everything and if you know the person well enough and know what they like, buy a book that you know they are interested in. Last year, I brought my sister-in-law a cook book called “Food to Love By” a book filled with healthy organic recipes. She absolutely loved it! She still uses the cook book I got her and it still her favorite cook book.

4. Food & Sweets: When I said food, I don’t mean to go out to expensive restaurant. What I mean is to make something at home personally or if you not a good cook, chocolate are always a good backup.

5. Groupons & Deal Find: There’s always a  good deal each day on Groupons and Dealfind like spa, restaurant, and fun activities (paint ball, wine tours, resorts). Usually these deals are 50 to 70% off and its a good solution if you don’t know what to get for the person.

6. Key-finder: A key finder cost around $15 – $20 and it’s one of the most popular gifts. It’s very common for people to forget where they left their keys and especially when they are in a hurry. Instead of searching for the key in the morning when you in a rush, a key-finder will help you find your key instantly. I brought one for my brother last Christmas because he always lose his key in the morning and now he has no problem finding his key.

7. Gifts Cards & Vouchers: If you know your budget to spend on a certain person and you know the type of store they like or shop often, a gift card or vouchers is a good choice because you can set your own value and the person can shop for what he/she like.

Sometimes the best gifts are not the most expensive one, it’s the one that takes time, effort, and creativity. A good gift could be very useful that doesn’t cost a lot like a pen, key-finder, bath oils,  and chocolate. What matter the most is that you put thoughts and time into it.

What gifts ideas do you have that save money?

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Hello Friday! :)

Today is my summer hours day off at Parmalat. Unfortunately, I have to work at Wal-Mart from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. . Well at least I get to sleep in and not have to wake up 6 in the morning. My plans for the day is just relax at home, write a post for the blog, clean my room, update my resume, and probably  go to work. As for the weekend, I don’t have much plan working both days at Wal-Mart 12-5 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday.

Random Friday Thoughts….

  • On Monday we got our new chairs at Parmalat. Last year at a meeting, our Directors ask everyone to brainstorm a list of things that  can improve the work environment. Everyone agreed that the office needs better chairs because our jobs requires to sit most of the time. It is great to see that the employees opinions matter to the company and it’s a great way to build relationship and morality for the company. Take a look at my new chair, it’s really comfy.
  • Yesterday, I went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was good but not amazing just good. It was cool to see how intelligent an Apes can be compare to human. I know it’s just a movie, but Ape is the closest creature to human. Whatever human can do, maybe an Ape can do even better, who knows.
  • The Blue Jays are excited to watch again, not because they are winning, it because of Brett Lawrie. This kid is truly amazing, only 9 games in the Major League and already post a stats of 2 home runs, 7 rbi, and a grand slam. The grand slam was awesome, I wish I was at the game. Lawrie is going to be a great player for the Jays and he’s only 21 years old, he has the potential to be an all-star.
  • Today is payday from Wal-Mart, got pay around $400, so probably going to take $100 for spending money for the rest of the month and the rest to saving for next month.
  • I just check my RBC rewards points and I have almost 50,000 points. If I sign up for the Visa Platinum Avion credit card and redeem it for travel I can get a maximum tickets for $800. By the end of this year, I can have as much as 65,000 point since I get an additional 15000 points for switching to the Visa Platinum Avion. I should plan where I want to travel for next summer 🙂.

Hope everyone have a good Friday!

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Wow, where did the time go by? It’s already August and we almost three – quarters away into the year and before you know it, it be 2012 . A lot had changes in my personal finance for the last three weeks like achieving debt freedom :). I decided to review my annually goals for 2011 to see where I stand and what adjustments I need to make in order to achieve all the goals I set for myself this year.

On Target – This means that I am on track of achieving the goal this year.

On Hold- This means that I am putting the goal on hold at the moment.

Achieved- Obviously, this means I have achieved the goal.

Fail – Obviously, this means I did not achieve the goal.

Financial Goals

  • Pay off $20,000 student loan. AchievedOn July 28, I achieved debt freedom! :). This is probably one of the goals that I am most proud of this year because now I can save for my future and achieve my other goals even faster! Every pay cheque I earned is now mine instead of going toward students loan or credit cards.
  • Contribute $5,000 to TFSA. On Target – At the end of August, I will have $2,200 in my TFSA. With my new budget that I set starting September, I will be contributing $900 monthly toward TFSA. I am on target to overachieved my goals by $800 which means I will have $5,800 by the end of this year. 
  • Have at least $15,000 in RRSP.  Fail At the end of August, I will have $7,450 in my RRSP. With my new budget that I set starting September, I will be contributing $800 monthly toward RRSP. I will not be able to achieve this goal by the end of this year. I will have to wait till next year.
  • Save $1,500 to Travel Fund. On Target – I decided to change my Travel Fund to a more realistic goal from $5,000 to $1,500.  I haven’t contribute anything to the Travel Fund yet. Starting September, I will contribute $300 monthly, so by the end of this year I should have $1,200 save to the Travel Fund. I hope I can save $300 extra from Christmas bonus or GST cheques.
  • Save $1,000 to Emergency Fund.  On Target I decided to change my Emergency Fund to a more realistic goal from $3,000 to $1,000.  I haven’t contribute anything to the Emergency Fund yet. Starting September, I will contribute $100 monthly, so by the end of this year I should have $400 save to the Emergency Fund. I hope I can save $600 extra from Christmas bonus or GST cheques.
  • Shopping ban for the entire summer. FailI purchase two t-shirts from H&M. It was just one of those days that you saw something that you really like and you just have to get it. If you don’t know what I means, read my previous post “Sometime you just got to spend
  • Avoiding Tim Hortons. FailI fail this one miserable, I think I have Tim Hortons at least three times during the Montreal trip in August. 

Personal Goals

  • I want to attend at least 3 hiking events in the summer. Fail I went to my first hiking trip  this year somewhere in St. Catherines. It was such a fun hike, I get to meet some cool people and I get to see some amazing scenery like waterfalls, plants, and insects. I went to a second hike at Limehouse Conversation in George town, it was a short hike about 10 km. It was a good hike, took a lot of nice pictures and get to meet lots of cool people, it was good time.
  • I want to go see the musical Wicked. On Target I am definitely going to see Wicked this year. Me and my co-workers are committed to go watch it this summer and as soon as the ticket go on sales, we will buy the tickets. I have heard many people raving about Wicked for the longest time and I really want to see if it’s that good.
  • I want to visit Montreal/Quebec City and a fishing trip at St. Petersburg.  Achieved I went to Montreal on August 5 -August 7. It was a lot fun and Montreal has a lot to offered in terms of foods and attractions. I also went to a fishing trip at Lake Barrie and I caught a pike! I am planning to go fishing again on August 28 at St. Petersburg, hopefully the weather will cooperate.
  • I want to go see at least two Blue Jays Game. Achieved – I went to see the Jays vs Yankee on April 3rd with a friend and they lost, but it was an exciting game and they fought hard and almost made a come back, so it was a good game overall. I went to see the second Blue Jays gameA on July 31st. It was a special day where the Jays honor the Hall Of Frame Roberto Alomar.

Professional Goals

  • Update my resume frequently. Fail – I haven’t touch my resume since I started this blog. I can said that I don’t have time or I was too busy, but the real reason is just that I was too lazy. Every time I came home from work, I just want to relax and not do anything. I am hopeful that I will update my resume sometime in the next two weeks.
  • Be a WordPress expert. On Target I am getting the hand of using WordPress. Obviously, there still a lot that I need to learn, but I pretty much master all the basic in terms of posting, using different widgets, tags, and various formats.
  • Become a SAP Expert at Parmalat. On Target – I have improve my knowledge in SAP. I am more comfortable and I am much better at my work, but I know there still a lot learn.
  • Try to finish a week post in advance before publishing. Fail – Wow, it a lot tougher than I thought, I totally fail this one. I have gone a week with just one post many times. I will try to write my post in advance to keep my post up-to-date.

How are you doing with your 2011 goals so far?

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Weekly Spending Recap for Aug 8 – Aug 14, 2011

Monday August 8, 2011

  • Scoop mouthwash, toothbrush, and body-wash at Wal-Mart – $15.14
  • Wrap for lunch at Parmalat cafe – $6.50

Tuesday August 9, 2011

  • Wrap for lunch at Parmalat cafe – $6.50

Wednesday August 10, 2011

  • Wrap for lunch at Parmalat cafe – $6.50
  • Groceries at Ocean Supermarket – $40.35

Thursday August 11, 2011

  • No Spend Day!

Friday August 12 , 2011

  • Groceries at Ocean Supermarket – $10.99

Saturday Aug 13, 2011

  • No Spend Day!

Sunday Aug 14, 2011

  • No Spend Day!

Total Expenses for this week:   $ 85.98

This is a a good week for me 🙂, it’s been a while since my expenses is under $100. For the pass two months I been spending a lot going out to eat, movies, and plus the Montreal trip. This week I actually want to take a break and just relax at home.

I actually eat at work for three days straight this week because I didn’t have time to go groceries shopping. I came back from Montreal on Sunday and have to work double shift the following Monday and Tuesday. I didn’t get the chance to go to Ocean Supermarket for groceries until Wednesday.  As for the weekend, I just work at Wal-Mart and didn’t really go out. I actually stay home to relax and watch some movies and upload pictures from the Montreal Trip.  Hopefully I can keep my expenses below $100 next week.

Hope every have a good Monday!

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Montreal Trip Recap

My first time to Montreal was awesome, I had a really good time. It’s everything that I expected. The city was beautiful and looking down  on top of Mont Royal was even better. The locals are very nice and passionate about their city. We didn’t have any trouble with language barrier because a lot of people is bilingual that speak both French and English. Their subway system is so much better than Toronto, it a lot more convenient and a lot cleaner, but one thing I don’t like is it can get humid in some subway station, I literally sweat like a pig waiting for 10 minute. In terms of food there were a lot of options especially in the Old Montreal area where I saw many restaurants I never heard of in Toronto, maybe because they are all French.

On Friday we arrive at Montreal around 8:30 a.m. We were carrying our backpacks while exploring the city because we couldn’t check in until noon. We decide to get some breakfast at Cora’s because we were starving from a 7 hour bus ride. After we feed ourselves, we decide to check the Montreal Eaton Center since it close to our hotel. There’s not much difference compare to the Toronto Eaton Center in terms of the layout and store’s, except it’s a lot cleaner.

After the girls did some window shopping, we decide to check into our hotel. We took the subway to Place-Des-Arts station, it’s like 5 min walk from our hotel. Our hotel is really good, it’s in the heart of downtown. It’s close to subway station with lots of restaurants, bars, and convenience’s store nearby. Our room has two queen’s size bed’s with a sink in the middle and a air conditioner that turn on 24/7. Thank God for the air conditioner that turns on 24/7 cause the weekend was pretty hot. The washroom are located outside our room which is share and there’s a total of three washroom. At first I didn’t like the idea of share washroom, but the washroom was very clean with a nice stand up shower. We never have to wait for the washroom, whenever we need to shower, it’s always available.

After we unpack and shower, we heck out to start exploring Montreal. The first place we decide to go is the Marie-Reine-Du-Monde Cathedrale. The church was breath taking, it was simply beautiful. I never seen anything like it, the more I explore the church, the more I get amaze just how beautiful it is. We spend almost an hour in the church just taking pictures and the best part of the church that I like the most is the roof design, it just awesome. If you like to see more pictures of the church click here.

After we decide to to go to Mont Royal, I heard it a mountain where you can view the entire city. We hike up to Mont Royal not knowing there was a bus to get to the top. It took us approximately 40 minute and it was a pretty hot day. By the time we reach to the top, my shirt was all soak, but it was all worth it, the view was simply awesome 🙂. At Mont Royal, we saw a guy selling beverages for like $4 for a bottle of water and I was like that’s a total rip off, but I see people buying it. Luckily, I brought a bottle of water with me before we came up, but that guy must be making a fortune. We stay at Mont Royal for about an hour taking pictures and enjoying the view, then we took the bus back home which was around 9:00 pm. We took our shower and fresh up to get ready to go out for dinner. We pick the restaurant “La Banquise”, I heard they have the best poutine in town and people who know me knows I love eating poutine. When we got there, the line up for take out was long, it was all the way outside of the restaurant entrance, but luckily we got a table at the patio. There were so many types of poutine’s to choose from, I just don’t know which one to pick, so I randomly pick one and ends up getting the Poutine Elvis with ground beef, green pepper, and mushrooms and it was so good. I couldn’t believe I actually it and my poutine was only a regular size, imagine the portion of a large size poutine!

On Saturday we went to the Biodome where we going to learn more about our ecosystems and see birds, penguins, insects, and also the Biotanca Garden. The admission fee was $28 which I think was pretty expensive. There wasn’t much in the Biodome, I think it’s more for kids education. We saw some birds, fish, penguins, insects, and took some really nice flower pictures at the Biotanca Garden, that pretty much it. My friends wanted to go, so I just tag along.

After the Biodome, we decide to bike to Habita 67 and the Biosphere. Just like Toronto, Montreal have bike station around the city for public use, the only difference is Montreal have bike trails on the street so we can ride our bike on the street with the cars. We choose the $5 for 24 hours for the bike rental, but what we didn’t know is that we need to park our bike to a bike station every 30 minute. We certainly didn’t do that and pass over the 30 minute limit which I pay $15 extra in penalty fee. I was alright with it because it was our first time using the bike and it was a lot of fun. Habitat 67 was pretty cool, you can see rooms from different angles which had me curious how big is each apartment is. The Biosphere was pretty cool, it was hugh that pretty much it.

After, we took the subway back home to fresh up and get ready for our next destination which is to attend the light show at the famous Notre Dame Basilica church. We arrive at Notre Dame and saw there was a line up in front of the church. We saw people holding tickets and didn’t know we have to purchase tickets in advance to admit into the church. We were too late for the 7:00 pm show so we decide to catch the 8:30 show instead. Since we have time to kill we decided to walk to Old Montreal and have dinner at Jardin Nelson, a restaurant my friend pick. Old Montreal was awesome, the old buildings, the narrow cobblestones street gives you that very quaint feel of walking through an old European city. The streets was very lively, people dining with conversations and laughter and performances on the streets, it was just awesome walking through Old Montreal.

We arrive at Jardin Nelson and we saw people lining up. At first we thought it going to be a long wait, but the waiter told us that there’s a table at the front of the restaurants. We decide to seat at the front of the restaurants since we have to catch the Notre Dame light show at 8:30. I was curious what it’s like at the back of the restaurant since so many people are waiting for a table at the back of the restaurant. I sneak to the back to take picture of it and I didn’t see anything spectacular about the back of the restaurant, but it doesn’t it all about the food.

There were so many options to choose from on the menu and I want to try everything. At the end I pick soup of the day “Potage Du Jour” and the main course I got “Newburg” with sweet batter, newbug sauce, lobster, scampies, shrimp, scallops, mozzarella, and chaddar cheese. Our food arrives and we dig in and to be honest the food was good but not amazing that it wow me, it just good.

After dinner we head back to the Notre Dame Basilica church for the light show. We saw people lining up already, so we got in line. We were giving a head phone and was seated in the middle section of the church. The church was pretty dark, we couldn’t see much. The show begins with a history of how the church came to be on a projector with the audio broadcast through our headphone. It was pretty cool and at the end they open the curtain where they show us the Notre Dame Basilica. It was magnificent, truly amazing. I always see customers bring their pictures of Notre Dame Basilica to the photo lab, but I never get to see it myself and now I see it with my own eyes, it truly amazing.

On Sunday it’s our last day at Montreal. Our bus depart at 1pm for Toronto and I was so not looking forward to the 7 hour bus ride. We woke up around 10 am and got breakfast at Eggspecetation. After breakfast we bike to a store called Macaroon that sell these really good cookies with different flavors.  I have heard from friends that they are really good so I brought  two packs of six macaroon and some for my co workers. So I try a few different flavors of macaroons and they are really good and my co-workers love it, next time I come back to Montreal, I will differently buy more 🙂.

Overall, I think the Montreal trip was a lot of fun. Montreal has a lot to offer in terms of food, history, and attractions. There’s a lot to do in Montreal and I would definitely come back again.

Check out some of the pictures I took from the trip Here

How was your first time to Montreal?

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Weekly Spending Recap for Aug 1st – Aug 7, 2011

Monday August 1st, 2011

  • Subway for lunch – $8.18
  • Planet workout to play basketball with the guys – $19.00

Tuesday August 2, 2011

  • Wrap for lunch at Parmalat cafe – $5.87
  • Purchase a pack of 4 AA rechargeable battery for the Montreal trip – $6.67
  • Got a pountine at Mr.Souvlaki before going to work at Wal-Mart – $3.25
  • Dinner at Tremendous – $67.17

Wednesday August 3, 2011

  • Breakfast at Parmalat Cafe – $3.39
  • Wrap for lunch at Parmalat cafe – $5.87
  • Dinner at Moxie’s with a friend – $96.44

Thursday August 4, 2011

  • Breakfast at Parmalat Cafe – $3.39
  • Wrap for lunch at Parmalat cafe – $5.87

Friday August 5 , 2011

  • Subway Ticket at Islington – $3.00
  • Subway pass for three days at Montreal – $16.00
  • Breakfast at Cora – $17.04
  • Beverages – $15.00

Saturday July 30, 2011

  • Beverages – $15.00
  • Lunch at Burger King – $7.00
  • Bike fees – $20.25
  • Notre Dame church light show –$20 ($10 each, but I pay for my sister)
  • Burger at the Biosphere – $4.00
  • Dinner at Jardin Nelson$50.00

Sunday Aug 7, 2011

  • Beverages – $10.00
  • Breakfast at Eggspectation – $ 17.40
  • Purchase Macaron – $17.25
  • Took a taxi to union station cause it’s raining – $10.00
  • Back to Toronto was hungry brought MacDonald – $15.00

Montreal Expense

  • Hotel – 189 / 3 = $63
  • Bus – $82

Total Expenses for this week  $ – 607.04

I know my weekly spending recap usually starts on Monday, but we came back from Montreal on Sunday around 11:00 pm. I was too exhausted to calculate how much I spend in Montreal and also I have to work double shifts the following Monday and Tuesday which leave me no time to write the weekly spending recap until now.

This was an expensive week for me, but I was expecting it  with the Montreal trip budgeted in with this weekly recap. Nonetheless, other then my Montreal trip, I did spend a lot eating out mostly with friends that I haven’t seen for a while and also a friend that is leaving for India. I also eat a lot at work cause I didn’t have time to grocery shopping until today.

Beside the hotel and transportation expense for the Montreal trip, the most I spend is probably on food and beverages. The two days we went, the weather was pretty hot and I brought a lot of drinks while we exploring the city. Also, we rented bike to make it easier to explore Montreal. We thought the bike rental fee was $5.00 for 24 hours, but what we don’t know is that we have to park our bike at the bike station in every 30 min. The whole point of the bike is to get you to certain destination, not for recreational. So, I got overcharge and pay around $20, but it still worth it cause it was so much fun. There a lot to talk about in my Montreal trip and I will write a post about how the Montreal trip goes, but for now this is an estimate of how much I spend this week.

P.S. Today is actually Parmalat Paid Day and for the first time I can actually keep it to myself, but unfortunately I have to take out $200 off the Parmalat paycheck to pay off this week weekly recap. I got paid from Wal-Mart last Friday $475, so my Wal-Mart paycheck and $200 from my Parmalat pay cheque will pay off this week weekly recap. That leaves me around $800 until next week I got my next pay cheque from Wal-Mart. I will put $300 each in TFSA and RRSP and have $200 for spending money.

Hope everyone have a good Thursday!

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New Monthly Budget Effectively September 1st, 2011

By the time this post release, I should be on the greyhound bus heading to Montreal for a two nights, three days weekend. I didn’t bring my laptop with me since I will be too busy sight-seeing in Montreal. So I took the opportunity to write this post in advance until I get back on Sunday night. I am looking forward to this trip and I will upload pictures once I get back.

Anyhow, it’s been almost a week since I became debt free. I can’t wait till next Thursday Parmalat pay cheque. It will be the first time in a while that I can use my Parmalat income toward something else rather than going toward paying off debt.

I been going out to eat a lot with friends lately that I haven’t seen for while. It’s feel good to go dining with friends and not have to worry how much to spend on a meal. It’s tough not to spend money in the summer especially the months of June, July, and August when the weather is just awesome and you want to have fun with your friends which including dining out. I have created a new budget that will start in September because that when school starts and summer is pretty much over. I will be back into frugal mode and continue to achieve my next goals.

Here’s my new budget starting effectively September 1st, 2011.

Expenses per month

  • $77 toward Rogers bills (Cell Phone $27 & Internet $50)
  • $20 toward lottery (Read my next post ” The Lotto trap“)
  • $150 toward groceries ($37.5 per week)
  • $112 toward monthly bus pass ($28 per week)
  • $200 toward personal spending (Entertainment & Miscellaneous) – I might not use all $200 in a month, any left over I can carry it to the next month.

Monthly Total Expenses : $560

Saving & Investment per month

  • $900 toward investment in TFSA
  • $800 toward investment in RRSP
  • $ 100   toward emergency fund

Personal Fund per month

  • $100 toward Digital SLR Camera for Christmas – $100 a month probably not enough to buy the digital SLR that I want in the Christmas holiday, but I am sure I will find the funding from other sources like Christmas bonus or extra from personal spending.
  • $300 toward Travel Fund

What’s your monthly budget look like?

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