Hello Friday :)

It’s Friday! I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by. It’s been a pretty decent week for me. I only work two double shifts this week, Wednesday and today. I like this better because the double shift is spread out so I have time to relax at home. I actually have the opportunity to watch the debut of Two & a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher. I must say I was pretty impressed with Ashton Kutcher, he play the role of Charlie Sheen pretty well. He’s funny, a ladies men, and have tones of acting experiences from the 70’s shows. I can’t think of anybody more perfect for this role than him. Also, Two & a Half Men might be better off with Ashton Kutcher according to the TV ratings. The debute of  Two & a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher drew 27.7 million viewers. This was the highest – rated season premier TV shows on any networks in six years and also is the highest premier in Two & a Half Men history. So, Ashton Kutcher deserve some praise, he will make lots of people laugh for many years to come, I know I be one of them 🙂.

I don’t have any plans for today since I am working the whole day 😦. On the bright side, this morning my co-worker will be treating me a free breakfast 🙂. We went bowling yesterday at Planet Bowl and on one game we decided to make a bet. The bet was the losers will treat the winners breakfast and luckily we won. I play pretty well consider it was a slow start for me. For the first four innings I was just hitting 7 and 9 pins and our opponent already has a strike each. The pressure was on us, we needed something to at least stay in the game. On the 5 inning, I finally hit a spare to build up my confidences and after that I hit three strike in a row! We were up by 50 points, but I keep my focus because in bowling anything can happen especially in the 9th and 10th inning. In the 9th inning I hit another strike to end the game for good and my final score was 175, pretty good for someone who hardly bowl 🙂.

Random Friday Thoughts….

  • I know it’s just three preseason games, but I think the Maple Leaf’s actually have a shot at making playoff this year. They definitely have the talents and I think the key is Remier, if he’s healthy and play like he did last year, the Leaf’s will finally end their playoff drought. I am not a hardcore Maple Leaf’s fan, but I really want them to make it this year because the fans have suffer enough, they deserve nothing less than a post season.
  • What do everyone think about the new Facebook layout? I haven’t really have the chance to really check out the new features, but the reactions from the Facebook community is not good, many complaints about the navigation and privacy. I understand that Facebook needs to constantly innovate to complete with its competitors, but in my opinion if something is not broken why change.

  • I have uploaded pictures of my hiking trip at Ancaster from last week. It was a good trip, the weather was amazing just a perfect day for hiking. We saw a total of five waterfalls and one of them dry up, but the other four was pretty cool. Check out the pictures here. Come to think of it, one of my goal this year was to go on three hiking trips and I think this was my third hike this year, so I actually achieve one of my goal. My first hike was at the Lime House Conversation Area, my second hike was at St.Catherines, and my third hike was at Ancaster. It’s been a good summer of hiking and I can’t wait till next summer to attend more hiking events 🙂.

  • So on Tuesday I went to Henry’s after work. For people who don’t know what Henry’s is, it’s one of the most popular photography store in the world. I wanted to check out the Nikon D5100, a camera that I am debating if I should get. I have the chance to hold the Nikon D5100 and one of the most important thing for me in purchasing a DSLR camera is the camera has to be comfortable in my hand. The Nikon D5100 is 16mp with a side-articulated 3D – LCD screen, 11 auto focus points, 6400 ISO, and 1080 high-definition video. For more details on  the Nikon D5100 check out Dpreview.com.  I am pretty sure the Nikon D5100 is the one for me. It has all the specifications that I want in a DSLR and most importantly it’s very comfortable in my hand.  Right now the current price on the market for this camera with a VR 18-55 mm lens goes for $799. I am hoping there will be sales during the holiday or boxing day, it will be a perfect Christmas gift!

Hope everyone have a good Friday 🙂!


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Hello, my name is Victor. I started this blog so I can share my stories of how I achieve financial independence. I hope my blog can motivates people who are in debt to achieve financial independence and live a better lifestyle.
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