Hello Friday :)

It’s Friday! This week went pretty quick and I guess because it so busy at Parmalat I didn’t know where time flies. I don’t have any plans today since I am closing at Wal-Mart :(, but it alright at least I am going hiking tomorrow, hopefully the weather corporate. The place I am going for hiking is called the Five Ancaster Waterfalls. I never heard of it so I don’t know what to expect. but I am expecting a lot of picture taking and cool water falls. I still can’t believe we are in the middle of September, time sure flies and before you know it, Halloween is just right around the corner.

Random Friday Thoughts!

  • So I get 10 days of paid vacation at Parmalat. I don’t have any plans to travel anywhere during the winter, so I probably will take the Friday off every two weeks. It be like a winter hours for me 🙂.
  • It’s going to be so busy tomorrow at work, it the first day of anniversary at Wal-Mart. Each year Wal-Mart have one week of sales of discounted items like detergent, diapers, paper towels, electronics items to appreciate customers for all their business. I have a feeling they going to call me to work at the front end doing cash.
  • So my coworker show me pictures of the wedding I attended in Michigan. The pictures were gorgeous and now I know why people spend money hiring a professional photographer for their wedding. I hope one day that I can take picture as good as the professional that took my coworker wedding. I am leaning on getting the Nikon D5100, it going to be my baby for a long time. It has the potential to take amazing pictures, I just have to be patient and learn all the features. I might actually take a class when I have time because I love photography that much 🙂.
  • I really dislike the new Facebook photo viewer. It’s slow and the photo viewer is too big which is inconvenient for people who have small screen. Also, it take longer to load the picture because the size of the photo viewer is so big, the picture have to match it.  One more cons is that there no “X” in the corner to close the photo viewer, you have to press ESC to close viewer. Why change something that is already good.
  • I don’t know why, but lately I been working a lot and I miss playing basketball and I miss taking pictures. I hope next summer I get to do more of what I enjoy the most which is traveling, playing basketball, and photography.

Hope everyone have a good Friday!


About besmartwithyourmoney

Hello, my name is Victor. I started this blog so I can share my stories of how I achieve financial independence. I hope my blog can motivates people who are in debt to achieve financial independence and live a better lifestyle.
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