My long weekend trip to Michigan.

So for the long weekend, I took a trip with my co-worker to Michigan. The drive from Mississauga to Michigan was about 4 hours, but for me it feels a lot longer. I shouldn’t complain since I am not the one driving, but sitting for 4 hours straight is pretty tiring. We arrive in Michigan Detroit around 3:30 p.m and check in at the Marriott Hotel. We unpack our luggage and realizes there was still time before dinner with the Groom family, so we decide to hit the pool. I haven’t swim for the longest time and I got tire after just swimming for like 15 minutes. The hot tube was pretty relaxing, it feel so good that I almost fall asleep haha.

Around 9:00 pm we went for dinner with the Groom family at a Italian restaurant. The family welcome us with warm greeting since they know we travel far to attend the wedding. It was cool dining with a Japanese family, I always love Japanese culture and to be able to experience a Japaneses wedding, I was pretty excited. I was introduce to my co-worker niece Amelie. She the cutest little 4 years old I have ever seen and she so bright and smart. Amelie knows how to speak Portuguese, Japanese, and a little Cantonese and I was very impressed. I ask the parent how they taught their daughter all the languages and they told me they use a language Apps from their IPAD. I can see Amelie will be a very smart and bright girl when she grow up. After dinner we went back to our hotel and I just chill and went to sleep to prepare for the big day tomorrow.

The wedding was located at the Northhill Golf Club. It was pretty nice, there was waterfall and guest can play long rang golf. The decoration was pretty cool they have two Japanese umbrella place between the entrance, and Japaneses lantern attached to the guest chair and a wishing tree between the podium where the priest stand. It was pretty cool and different.

Also, another interesting ceremony practice was that they have people holding a rope across the guest and the guest are suppose to touch the rope and make a wish for the new couples and I find that very interesting. I didn’t get to participate because I got caught up taking pictures.

The wedding hall was pretty nice, decorated with a lot of lanterns and they use fish as the center pieces. I was kind of confuse when I walk into the wedding hall cause I didn’t see the table for the grooms and bride. Usually the grooms and bride table should be place where everyone can see, but this wedding the groom and bride table is locating on just one side of the room. The wedding was an open bar and I had a few beer and one shots with the groom. It was a fun night dancing and chatting with the groom family and meeting different people. It was a great experience and I am glad that I was part of it.

The next day we check out of the hotel around 12:00 noon. We say our thanks and goodbye to the groom and bride. Me and my friend decide to grabbed lunch at Longhorn Steak House before heading out back to Mississauga. We were recommended by a fellow Parmalat employee at the wedding. They said the steak was very good and cheap, so we decided to check out. I order the Kanses 11 oz steak with sweet potatoes and an ice-tea to drink. Oh also one thing I learn from visiting the state is that there are many words or phases that we use in Canada that are similar with the US, but they have different meaning. For example, when I drink ice-tea, it’s usually taste sweet, but when I order ice-tea in the state, it’s non-sweet like water. So when you order an ice-tea in the state, make sure you tell the waitress in advance that you want your ice-tea sweet. The lunch was excellent and it only cost me $14 and I was like that a pretty good deal.

I didn’t get a chance to explore Detroit, but I feel there really nothing to see. I had good time at the wedding, but I don’t think I ever will visit Detroit again unless another of my friend is getting married in Detroit which is unlikely, but I have a great time at the wedding and it was an awesome long weekend 🙂


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2 Responses to My long weekend trip to Michigan.

  1. I’m glad you had a great time over the long weekend! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. 🙂

    Also, I lived in Michigan for 2 years, and you should give Detroit another chance! It’s a great city, maybe a little run down, but has lots of character and charm in the right places. Although, I do prefer other parts of Michigan more than Detroit.

    • Yeah it was a beautiful wedding! It was my first time participating in a japanese restaurant and it was awesome just because it different. Well I guess I didn’t really give Michigan a chance because we so caught up with the wedding but there just so many places I could go beside Michigan. If another friend of my happen to get married there I might consider jaha

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