Hello Friday! :)

Finally the long weekend is here! It’s been a busy week for me. I work 5 days double shifts this week and all I can think about is the long weekend. So, today is my day off at Parmalat and I am planning to go get a hair cut and go grocery shopping and after I have to work at 5 pm at Wal-Mart.

As for the weekend, I am heading to Michigan with a friend to attend a Co-Worker wedding on Sunday. I don’t have much details of the wedding, all I know is it’s at a clubhouse, so it should be fun. I don’t know how much I am going to spend on this long weekend, but it might be a lot since I have to chip in for the gas, hotel, wedding gifts, and dining out. This will probably be the last big activity for the summer and it’s kind of sad, but at least I can start saving money again, I spend way too much in the summer.

Some Random Friday Thoughts….

  • I been researching for a DSLR camera that I am planning to buy this holiday. So far it come down between the Nikon D5100 or Nikon D7000. The D5100 is more for intermediate level and the D7000 is more for professional and more expensive. I am leaning toward the D5100 at the moment because it less expensive and the difference between the D5100 and D7000 is not that much. I will probably just get the body and one primary lens for myself since my brother has a Nikon too and he has plenty of lenses.
  • R.I.P. Belak, I don’t watch much hockey but I do follow the Leaf’s occasionally and it’s sad to see a good hockey player like Belak, one of the best enforcers the Leaf’s ever had pass away. Thanks for all your memories and dedication to the game. I salute you!

Hope everyone have a good long weekend!


About besmartwithyourmoney

Hello, my name is Victor. I started this blog so I can share my stories of how I achieve financial independence. I hope my blog can motivates people who are in debt to achieve financial independence and live a better lifestyle.
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